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Heveloon Named as a Top 10 London Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is one of the newest and least understood technologies in the digital sector. Therefore, Heveloon are thrilled to have been named as one of the most reviewed and recommended blockchain development companies in London, by The Manifest – a global, business ranking platform. Read on to hear from the client and CEO perspective on how smart contract blockchain is making an impact.

Smart Contract Blockchain: Unlocking Business Success

Since the 2014 launch of Ethereum, smart contracts have been gaining popularity. Their secure, self-executing powers enable the creation of agreements between buyers and sellers, avoiding the ‘third party trap.’

This award is an endorsement of Heveloon’s growing expertise as a blockchain app development company.  As 101 Blockchains Community Professional Members we’re passionate about bringing blockchain tools and practice to your business table.

This blockchain expertise is what our clients like Andrea Santi, CEO & Founder, Habits are looking for. He is already seeing the benefits of this smart, streamlined approach. Read on for his 5* review.

“I’m the CEO of a new marketplace that lets users and customers buy fashion items, powered with a section related to blockchain. Our main goal was implementing the marketing part using blockchain technology to validate the impressions. And on the other side, to implement a marketplace section inside our services. 

The Heveloon team developed the system for the implementation of marketing try-ons inside our platform. On the other side, they created the NFT marketplace of our platform, with the scope of letting users connect with their wallet provider and buy NFTs related to the fashion industry.

All worked very smooth and fine, and all the timelines were respected. Their commitment is super serious and professional.”

Blockchain Development – A Key Heveloon Service

Off the back of reviews like these, Heveloon CEO Sam Ventimiglia is committed to further honing team expertise, to create stand-out blockchain solutions into the future.  

“We want to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and partners for helping us get to where we are today. Our team recognizes the time and effort companies put into writing and publishing these reviews on our behalf. It’s a great feeling to know there are individuals out there willing to do all that for our team.

The expectations of our work will be higher now because of the praise received. But this is part of success, and we’ve been preparing for this for a long time. We’re confident in our ability to overcome any challenges that might come our way.”

Whether you’re in financial services, commerce, legal, health or supply chain, smart contract blockchain techn can add value to your business in new ways. 

To learn more about our blockchain development services and how they can further improve your operations book a consultation call with our CEO Samuel.

The Manifest is a business blog platform that connects companies with their ideal service provider by creating rankings of the top performers in various industries. These efforts work in conjunction with their prestigious awards program.

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