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Let's start to create the app with a strong backend on AWS Amazon cloud.

1. Design
based on buyer persona

Our approach starts from the competitor and the market analysis to understand the key players.

We work with clients so Design and Product planning would be the main time consuming part at the very beginning where clients are involved to give feedbacks to the project.

Our graphic design team will work to explore and produce the right solution that match the look and feel of the brand. 

2. Development and cloud backend

Our deep experience in Fintech, Luxury and Travel fields and the highly custom APIs and backend solutions will make the difference to set up the most appropriate environment to ensure the best performance of your app.

Our team experts in real-time data running in native app development for both iOS and Android operating systems, Cross-platform app, and modern web application in a mobile first approach will work to create the best app that fit your needs.

Save money by dynamically launching servers when they are needed

3. Certificated Tests

Independent testing experts who were not involved with the original development team are able to see the app and its practical value with a cool head, putting the basic logic the app is based on to a reality check, and easily identifying weak spots that require additional work.

4. 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

Our experts provide application maintenance and IT infrastructure support to enhance the scalability, performance, and portability of mission-critical systems with your specific business requirements in mind. 

We provide scalable cloud backend for mobile app maintenance that prolong uptime, support a larger user base, optimize server performance, improve UI/UX, enhance business process management (BPM) processes, more easily comply with regulatory concerns and keep integrated web services running smoothly.

App as a Service (AaaS)

Our system is the new paradigm in the mobile app development that allows you to build a complete app with a 40% reduction in risk.

You do not need to worry about hidden development costs.

The lower initial investment, the scalability and the use of the most advanced technologies
makes our app as a service solution your best choice.

The major advantage of our app development approach is that

Pay per what you really use.

As an App as a Service you can have your app ready to the market with lower initial risk than pay the all inclusive monthly subscription that guarantee you a complete hassles-free solution.

Mobile platforms that we offer

Our mobile app development offering functional solutions as we develop scalable and robust mobile applications for our clients.

Android App Development

We channel your ideas into a digitised custom Android app that your end users will enjoy using. By using the latest and more advanced technologies you can get your app developed today to help take your business to the next level or bring your ideas to life.

IOS App Development

Our deep experience in iOS app development allows to easily build bespoke iPhone apps that cater to the needs of the end users, as well as meeting your business requirements. The sleek, lean iOS offer a unique platform to your users. Our iOS app developers use the latest tools and technology to create excellent quality and user-friendly iPhone applications.

IoT App Development

If you only have an initial idea of your future IoT application, our IoT consultants will help you shape it, design a high-quality application architecture, choose an optimal technology stack, and create a project roadmap for you to obtain the groundwork for developing a reliable, easy-to-maintain, scalable and secure IoT application.

Augumented reality App Development

AR apps are buzzed the industries during the last 5 years. We offer a robust and stable backend architecture to obtain the groundwork for developing a reliable, easy-to-maintain, scalable and secure AR application

React App Development

We create mobile applications that run on any device and operating system as and when your business needs. Cross platform apps helps you yield better results by enabling you to reach a wider audience.

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Flutter app development

Google flutter SDK is the new addition to the app development framework. It gives compatibility and flexibility to developers in building native-like mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices with excellent user experience (UX) and material design.

Our mobile backend approach with microservices

Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development where software is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. These services are owned by small, self-contained teams. Microservices architectures make applications easier to scale and faster to develop, enabling innovation and accelerating time-to-market for new features.

Characteristics of Microservices


Each component service in a microservices architecture can be developed, deployed, operated, and scaled without affecting the functioning of other services. Services do not need to share any of their code or implementation with other services. Any communication between individual components happens via well-defined APIs.


Each service is designed for a set of capabilities and focuses on solving a specific problem. If developers contribute more code to a service over time and the service becomes complex, it can be broken into smaller services

Breaking a monolithic application into microservices

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