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Is a Mobile App Solution Better Than a Website in 2023?

Whilst websites remain a marketing ‘must’, with 2 billion sites in existence, the battle is on to stand out from the crowd. In this dynamic tech age, a mobile app has the power to set your business apart. Designed and executed well they can put you ahead – in the customer attraction race. Read on to discover how an app can supercharge your small business brand.

Mobile App Development - a Smart Business Choice​

A website, designed right, can be an engaging, centrepiece for your company’s brand and offerings. With user-centred design, messaging and SEO covered you MAY convince prospects to dwell beyond the 54 second average (2021 Digital Experience Benchmark report).

However, in these noisy, online times its increasingly hard to keep customers rapt. With circa 2 billion websites in existence there are a glut of brands vying for our attention. Here, a mobile app has the power to help you attract the right people, capturing more consumer hearts.

With circa 4 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s time to ‘app up’ to stand out. In 2021 alone, circa 70% of all web visits were via smartphones. According to the 2019 Ipsos study commissioned by Google “51% of smartphone users are more likely to use a brand’s mobile app when browsing or shopping on a smartphone.”

Long gone are the days where an app is out of your small business reach. With the ability to trial your app idea through a minimum viable product (MVP) you have the ability to embrace innovation within your budget.

How a Mobile App Can Boost Your Success​

Planned, promoted and launched with care, a mobile app has the power to distinguish you from the competition. If you can convince your ideal customer to ‘download’, you open a direct line between yourselves and them. Over time, this allows you to share information, build trust and coax them towards purchase. Read on for our favourite mobile app benefits that could add value to you.

1. Cut through the digital noise – In this tech age, it’s hard to grab and keep your customer’s focus. As people flit between desktop and mobile devices, even the sharpest marketing tactics can get lost. Here, an app can help you cut through the noise and go 1:1 with your customer. As they download and explore your app, you have their attention – unlocking a golden opportunity.

2. Build brand awareness – With everyone glued to their smartphones, apps have become integral to modern life. With up to 80 apps on each device there’s untapped potential to boost your brand image to your users. Here, user-centred design and a personalised approach, can keep you in favour and at the forefront of minds.

3. Information on Demand – As a business, keen to be ‘seen,’ a memorable and fluid app experience can set you apart. The ‘instant’ aspect of an app can help you build a regular, rapport with your user. With fully optimised features and updatability, your mobile app can build brand differentiation and customer loyalty, on the go.

4. Data Capture Insights – A mobile app is your super tool when it comes to gathering consumer insights. Through in-built data capture mechanisms, you can track demographics, preferences and trends, powering your marketing success. Think of your mobile app as a gateway to greater customer knowledge and brand positioning.

5. Build customer connection – When we download an app, we state our interest in a brand. An app can quickly become our ‘go to’ place for various needs. Therefore, an app has the power to build customer engagement and loyalty in a way a website can’t. It can make an impact on your customer share and your sales, enabling you to build a community of fans.

The First Steps to Integrating a Mobile App in Your Business

We believe that a mobile app is the rocket fuel to help your business soar. As an ambitious, small business an app can add value to your brand, customer base and bottom line.

We’re not advocating for you to neglect your website. In fact, we believe that a user-friendly, up-to-date site is a key addition to your digital mix. But in fast-paced times an app can connect you with the humans that are critical to your success.

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