How much does it cost to make an app?

It’s no secret, the app market seems to know no brakes or signs of slowing down [1].

But those who approach this world for the first time and want to develop their own app, find themselves having to choose between very different prices, estimates and proposals, which create great confusion and indecision.

There are various factors that can make the price of an app go up or down.

There are four main factors to consider when developing an app.

The first is the complexity of the app architecture. Let’s try to group them into three corresponding categories:

– No API integration (the app is stand alone)
– No backend (the app doesn’t need power and code hosted by servers that – provide services for the app to function)
– Standard interface with simple elements such as email subscription, Social Media login, calendar, etc.
– Custom user interface with integration of custom components
– interface with payment systems
– Integration of API to process data in the backend
– back-end servers
– Multilingual
– integration of other external services
– custom animations
– complex back-end architecture
– specially made design
– use of real-time systems

Price range:
simple: 20 – 50k
moderate: 50 – 100k
complex: 100 – 500k

The second parameter that must be analyzed is the cost of the graphics, decided in the Design and Research phase. We can estimate that currently costs range from $ 5,000 for simple category apps to over $ 40,000 for more complex ones with very advanced animations and user interactions.

The third parameter to take into consideration is the technology used to develop the app. Native app (language supported by the manufacturer), hybrid (language that allows you to write the code in a language that once compiled generates a package in native language) if in the first case the same app must be written twice, each in the language indicated by manufacturers (Google and Apple), if we opt for the hybrid solution we would have the advantage of writing the source code only once but with some precautions for one system or the other depending on the features to be implemented, so in the second case the cost it cuts from 30 to 40% compared to making it native.

The fourth factor, but not least is maintaining the app and fixing bugs in the code. Especially this is the most underestimated factor, but of vital importance for the successful realization of a project. This cost can be estimated at around 20% of the development cost per year. Example if an app costs $ 15,000, the cost will be $ 3,000 a year for two years (at least).

Bonus parameter. Remember to consider ownership of what you are creating and on which accounts the software will be created. This will allow you to perform all the tasks for which the app was designed and to be able to solve all the problems in case you go to where you have to change provider. This is also an aspect that is very often overlooked but fundamental for the success of a project.

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[1] Use app