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5 Funding Tips to Help Turn App Idea Into Reality in 2023

In uncertain times, it can be hard to find the funds you need to innovate. But to make your app dream a reality you cannot stop still. This blog is written with your tech ambition in mind. It highlights different funding sources which are worth a closer look. Read on to uncover funding gems to help you transform, innovate and get ahead.

Mobile App Funding Options to Consider

1. Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)

The SEIS invests in UK-based, start-ups by unlocking funds to support new business growth. Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for up to £150,000. If you have a young enterprise with vision, this option could be a great fit. Click the link to visit the website to learn more SEIS.

2. European Commission Funding

The ECF invests in small, European businesses which are committed to the ideals of the EU. If you’re a company with a passion for economic growth, environmental safeguarding, job stimulation or social inclusion then this could be a route worth exploring. Discover more by clicking on the link ECF.

3. Angel Investors Network

This global network of investors has track-record in supporting diverse projects and business initiatives. Sign-up and connect with up to 309,833 angel investors worldwide, pitching your app idea to listening ears. Click on the link to unlock this route AIN.

4. Cambridge Capital Group

Cambridge Capital Group is an angel network of private investors, family offices, and venture funds, investing in Cambridge, London and Oxford based tech start-ups. Over the last 20 years they’ve invested more than £30M across a portfolio of 100+ businesses.  Could you qualify to apply? Visit the website by clicking this link CCG

5. Crunchbase

Small businesses look to Crunchbase to expand beyond their usual network of funding options. Custom searches help you find active investors in your market space. To explore your options, just follow the website link CRUNCHBASE.

Pitching Your App Idea to Investors

Before applying to prospect funders or investors you must do your homework. You need to be sure that you’re a good match for them. But above all you need to be able to sell your mobile app idea with clarity and passion. You need to convince them why your tech initiative is worthy and how it will make a wider impact. 

Follow these top tips to ensure you put your best foot forward.

  • Assess your eligibility – Are you a good match? Do you meet the funders / investors eligibility criteria? You need to be sure you are ‘a fit’ before you apply.
  • Articulate your app vision – Be prepared to make a strong application in writing. Hone your app purpose, benefits and features so that you pique investor interest. Where possible, include visuals to bring your idea to life.
  • Double check those figures – Don’t fall short with your figures. Show that you have researched the costs for key stage of the app design and development process. Lay out your budget and be clear on ROI potential.
  • Be ready to present – If you get through to the short-list you may be invited to pitch your idea. So, get your Dragons Den savvy on, prep that presentation deck and be ready to talk app facts.

We wish you luck in exploring these and other options. When the time is right, and your funds are secure, we’re here to guide you through your mobile app journey. 

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