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Here at Heveloon we’re wired to make a difference.


We bring the human touch and tech expertise you need.


We’re explorers by your side for the wonder and the ride.

London HQ | Global Tech Team | Italian Heart

Our HQ is in London – we thrive on its energy. But at the heart of Heveloon we’re Italian. We bring our “Passione” for life, tech and exploration to your mobile app project.

We were the kids that built computers at mama’s table, adventured until dark and ended the day with Super Mario.

Since 2018, we’ve been channelling our passion to help ambitious companies like yours. It’s no accident, that our name combines two Norse words ‘heve’ – meaning ‘to raise’ and ‘loon’ – meaning ‘to reward.’ We promise to deliver on both for you.

We believe in putting the human into tech and unlocking innovation in your business. But it’s not just about the destination – the journey matters too. 

Whether we’re climbing the alps or honing your app project – we believe in drinking in the view.

Are you ready to adventure with us?

Get Mobile App Smart
and Future Ready

We bring 55+ years collective expertise in mobile app technologies. You can put your faith in our people, tech and strategy smarts.

We’ve worked with leading, global brands to deliver winning app solutions. Now is YOUR time to unlock your mobile app power. 

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Working with Heveloon you're sure to stand out and get ahead.

Our Mobile App Team: Delivering for You

The humans behind Heveloon are selected for their smarts but most importantly – for their hearts.

Our staff and freelance team work as one. As a ‘remote first’ company, we span the UK, Europe and beyond. We’re inspired by the power of tech to spark change in your business and the wider world.

We believe that every day is an adventure. We’re excited to bring your mobile app to life.

Samuel Ventimiglia

CEO | Founder | Director

Davide Biasin

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Dr Riccardo Mazzon

Chief Operating Officer | Director

Luisa Piazza

Project Manager

Metz Gidda

People Generalist

Lucia Falcinelli

Full Stack Developer

Lucio Civerra

Full Stack Developer

Davide Marchiori

Full Stack Developer

Federico Ricchiuto

Full Stack Developer

Katia Garosi

Backend Developer

Lorenzo Deplano

Backend Developer

Saqib Younis

Mobile App Developer

Our Tech Passion Began at Mama’s Table

Since childhood, team Heveloon have been tech explorers.

We were the kids that rebuilt computers at our mama’s table.

Our dreams were about changing the world…

When we weren’t inventing, we were outside in nature.

We’d tree climb and bike trail until the Alpine sun set.

Life was a non-stop adventure…

Our imaginations were lit as we played Mario until dawn.

We’ve never lost that tech wonder; we bring it to your project.

So don’t delay, “Andiamo!”- lets seize this app day…

Our Heveloon Vision, Mission and Values

We’re here to make a difference to you. We bring a human touch to every relationship – empowering transformation in all that we do.

We exist to help your business stand out and reach new heights. 

Our Vision

To enable ambitious businesses to unlock their app power – to excel and transform in this fast-moving tech age.

Our Mission

To maintain establish businesses innovative on the market by tailored tech solutions.

Our Core Values – Guiding Our Work With You


We lead with our humanity. We are
passionate about
building high trust,

Explore Together

We exist to
explore and break
new ground. We
are adventurers
with new summits
in sight.

Empower Excellence

We are focused on excellence – inside and out. We go that extra mile, to deliver great outcomes for all parties.

Unlock Innovation

We believe in the power of mobile tech to change the world. Together – we rethink the future.

Champion Respect

We do not judge a book by its cover. We celebrate diversity and are respectful of all  differences.

We Understand your Business World

As a growing business too, we understand your daily juggle and drive to succeed.

We choose to work with ambitious, SME businesses like yours because we believe in your potential.

Whatever sector you’re in, we’re primed to optimise your budget and realise your mobile app dream.


When starting out there’s lots to learn and costs to cover. 

It can be hard to find time to talk tech. 

We help you cut through the noise and find a solution that’s right for you.

Realise your app vision.


When scaling your SME – digitalisation is key.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start.

We create secure, cloud-based solutions accessible from anywhere.

Achieve a scalable app.

Enterprise Businesses

As an enterprise business you want to get ahead.

But 21st century tech can be confusing.

We demystify your app options to give you the edge.

Unlock app innovation.