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App development partners - delivering for you

Founding Heveloon in 2018 we wanted to put a human, friendly face to technology. We wanted to be the app development partners of choice for small businesses like yours.

Our brand name Heveloon embodies our passion to help you achieve. It combines two Norse words ‘heve’ – meaning to ‘raise’ and ‘loon’ – meaning to ‘reward.’

Heveloon Ltd Co-Founders the app development partners you can trust
Heveloon Ltd Co-Founders and app development partners

We ensure you ‘raise’ your software capability to enjoy future business ‘rewards.’

Our personable, global team has 55+ years collective experience to share with you.

We can’t wait to create you a custom, scalable app to make you proud.

A tech team to help you soar

We have the tech and people smarts to help you fly high.

UK-based, with colleagues worldwide, we are ready to serve you globally.

You can rely on us to take you forward.
We unlock the tech steps, strategy and solutions to take you far.

App development partners that help your small business soar

Our expertise helps you stand tall

Tech strategy

Mobile app design

Software architecture

Blockchain development

Working with Heveloon you gain clarity, stand out and get ahead.

Our story: finding our passion for tech

The story of Heveloon began with us, three Italian boys with a passion for tech. If we weren’t biking or running in nature, we were playing Super Mario until dawn.

As we grew, we fell in love with computer science. We were hungry to master it. We were the teens that built computers on the kitchen table (sorry mama!)

Years later, fate brought us together. Like magnets to metal we found each other. We had a dream to turn app ideas into reality. And so, we’re here to help you to do just that.

So don't delay, ‘andiamo’ (let’s go!) we say.

Heveloon Ltd Co-Founders childhood photos before they were app development partners

Our Co-Founders: helping your dreams come true

Heveloon Ltd CEO Samuel Ventimiglia

Samuel Ventimiglia


Your dreams as a boy?

“I always looked up to my father as a businessman. I wanted to be at the top of my profession.”

What drew you to tech?

“I discovered computers at school. I loved to fix problems and how tech can solve many things.”

Your greatest passions?

“Apart from my family and friends, mountain climbing is always my first choice.”

Your greatest wish?

“I want to inspire my team to believe in their potential and make our clients dreams come true.”

Heveloon Ltd Chief Sales Officer Juri Battliana

Juri Battilana


Your dreams as a boy?

“I thought I would become a dentist, but ambitions change.
I guess I am solving tech-aches now!”

What drew you to tech?

“My first love was my MS Commodore. During my university Biotech studies, I found a passion for software.”

Your greatest passions?

“I love my kids with all my heart. In my spare time I enjoy spending quality moments with them.”

Your greatest wish?

“I want to enable people to become better versions of themselves and to keep learning.”
Heveloon Ltd Chief Information Officer Davide Biasin

Davide Biasin


Your dreams as a boy?

“I was torn between my passion for tech and my love for nature (especially the mountains).”

What drew you to tech?

“As I grew, I focused more and more on the study of technologies and the infinite impact they can have.”

Your greatest passions?

“I love to play sports and breathe the fresh air. I also enjoy travelling and connecting with different people.”

Your greatest wish?

“I want to ensure Heveloon is a happy place for all. I want to find everyday stability and serenity.”

Team Heveloon: making a difference to you

Our people are here to add value to you. They are ready to help you realise your goals.
As we continue to scale this list shall grow. Whether freelance or staff ‘our people’ make Heveloon great.

Tess Parker


Adrian Castro


Ayarin Butdee



Alessandro Pellizzari

Chief Product officer

If you like what we’re about then let’s schedule a call.

Tech with heart
that sets you apart

We’re passionate about making a difference in the world.

To realise your small business vision, you need a tech partner with a commercial head and a compassionate heart.

Your success is everything to us; we love to help you make a positive mark.

Our vision

To empower small businesses to turn their app vision into a reality, helping them to innovate and stay ahead in a fast-moving tech world

Our mission

We create innovative, cost-effective, small business software solutions that make people’s lives easier, safer, and brighter.

Our values


We are passionate about building and keeping trust in all our relationships. Nothing is too
difficult when trust is present.


We champion cultures of
information sharing. We take time to reflect on the bigger picture so we make the right decision.


Through our collective expertise we provide excellent software solutions for clients across the globe, every day.


We listen to and value the proposals coming from
each individual and team. By
‘listening’ we learn and grow


We do not judge a book by its
cover. We celebrate diversity and are respectful of all backgrounds
and differences.

Looking for a software development partner with heart? If so, contact us today.

Tech guides by
your side

"They were a very professional and skilled team."

Andrea Santi, CEO & Founder, Blockchain-Powered Marketplace

We understand that every minute counts when running a small business. 

That’s why we’re about making the tech process a rewarding one. 

We’re tech guides you can lean on, every time.

We understand your small business world

As a small business too, we understand the daily juggle and drive to succeed.

We choose to work with businesses like yours because we believe in your potential.

Whatever sector you’re in, we’re primed to optimize your budget and realise your vision.


When starting out there’s
lots to learn and costs to cover.

It can be hard to find time to talk tech.

We help you cut through
the noise and find a solution that’s right for you.

Realise your app vision
with us as your guides.


When scaling your SME
digitalisation is key.

But it can be hard to know
where to start.

We create secure, cost-effective, cloud-based solutions accessible from anywhere.

Build secure and
scalable apps with us.

Enterprise Businesses

As an enterprise business
you want to get ahead.

But 21st Century tech
options can be confusing.

We demystify blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning and more to give you the edge.

Unlock tech innovations with us.

You can be sure that we have a small business software solution perfect for you.