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Our mission is to create innovative solutions, through research strategies, that allow the creation of services and software that guarantee an easier and safer life for the people who use them. Therefore use our experience in order to make services less expensive for everyone.


CEO Samuel Ventimiglia and Director and CoFounder at Heveloon ltd

To be the first company chosen by customers for the development of app as a service with the peculiarity of guaranteeing the maximum on data processing for all our customers through the best technologies.

Meet our Team

Samuel Ventimiglia

CEO | Co-Founder | Director

Davide Biasin

Co-Founder | Chief Technical Officer
Senior AWS Developer

Juri Battilana

Co-Founder | Chief Marketing Officer

Riccardo Mazzon

Business Developer | HTC Closer

Company statement

Trust is key. Nothing is too difficult when trust is present with the people and colleagues around you.

Culture and information are Heveloon’s pillars, sharing and integration enable the understanding of how well we are doing to keep improving.

The job location is less important than the results produced by each individual.

Heveloon listens to and considers the proposals coming from any department and individual to improve and grow together.

We do not judge a book by its cover, we commit to integration and we do not make differences, based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, political views, skin colour or social status.

Heveloon is committed to provide the best products as a result of the combined experience brought in by each one of us.

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