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8 Tips to Ensure a Standout E-Commerce Mobile App in 2023

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In this digital world if you’re here to sell online products or services you need an e-commerce mobile app. An app can help position your brand for longterm success. Keep reading for our top tips to create a solution that ensures you go the distance.

E-Commerce Sector is Set to Grow

According to Insider Intelligence the worldwide e-commerce market is set to net a mega “$6.3 trillion in 2023.” With key facts like these you can’t afford to ignore an app in your development plans.

Globally, the 21st century consumer is opting to buy from their smart phone rather than desktop or store stop. With smart phone usage predicted to rise to “An estimated 910.3 million users (+17.33 percent) by 2028” (Statista)  its time to get app smart and future ready.

How an App Can Set Your Business Apart

The more tech tools at your disposal the greater chance you have to stand tall and push ahead.  

In a world where we’re wedded to our smartphones, an app offers you a powerful, direct line to your target audience. 

E-Commerce apps, created right, offer you a chance to become integral to consumer’s daily lives. 

If your app adds meets an untapped need then you can be sure that they will return and spread the word to others.

1. Think User Friendly First

With millions of apps clamouring for our attention, consumers expect their app journey to be effortless – at every stage.

Therefore, the pressure is always on to create a user friendly design that is easy, engaging and entices them back. 

This requires, amongst other things, an artful eye on the app design, flow, navigation and interactivity. 

When taking your app from concept to prototype, user testing and research is a key investment to make. Inviting feedback early on can help you hit your app goals.

2. Make Your App Memorable and On-Brand

Depending on your budget, making time to perfect your app design could give you the edge. 

Above all, your app should reflect your visual brand and be styled to wow your target audience. An easy to navigate interface and striking use of colour, imagery and iconography can boost your app appeal.

But, crucially, less is always more when it comes to a user-friendly, distinctive design.

3. A Smooth and Secure Registration

How many times have you downloaded an app to offload it within the first couple of minutes? The biggest failure of a new app is a tiresome registration process.  

To avoid irking your ideal customer you need to prioritise speed, ease and security. But sometimes, they might not want to sign up from the off. Here, you can offer them the ‘checkout as a guest’ route. 

Remember, that users don’t like sharing their personal data. Therefore, only ask for the essential info to complete their purchase. 

Always, reassure the consumer about your secure encryption and transaction processes and highlight satisfied customer reviews to seal the sale.

4. Mobile App Upload Time Matters

Consumers expect a new app to upload with ease. With seconds to keep their attention we must minimise the size of graphics, videos and ads that could hamper this.

Be sure to reassure them whilst they wait, encourage them to ’stay online’ and even pull out some gamification stops to make them smile.

To ensure your app makes a good first impression you need to deliver as frictionless an experience as possible.

5. E-Commerce Gateway Options

Getting your payment gateway working right is key to your long-term app success.

Payment gateways are a service that process credit card transactions for your business.

But your ‘gateway’ goes further than payment processing. 

Offering a choice of gateways can really up your e-commerce app appeal. These days, credit, debit and e-wallets are seen as standard.

But, above all, a smooth customer experience at checkout is the biggest influencer as to whether they complete their purchase and come again.

6. Offering Personalisation Options

Today’s e-comm consumers are looking for a personal touch; they want to feel important. They see your app as THEIR app – enhancing their app attachment is a smart move. 

Giving them the opportunity to personalise their app experience matters. Here, offering them the ability to save favourites and compare options is a winner.

Also, engagement with a human, customer service rep, whilst navigating the app can really increase their love for your brand.

7. Promoting Your App To Turn Heads

Once you’ve launched your app you need to promote it. One of the biggest mistakes of new app entrant is to sit back and expect word of mouth to drive sales.

You need an app marketing plan to ensure you app is seen, downloaded and used by the right people.

Here, writing a winning app description is a fundamental first step. You need to personalise your words to underline how your app adds value to your target audience.

Then, you must promote through different channels and touchpoint your app becomes indispensable in consumer’s lives.

8. Promoting Your App To Turn Heads

Monitoring and evaluating your app is key to its longer term success. Your ongoing app analysis should include download stats, customer reviews, queries and issues.

Your ultimate aim should be to monitor the chatter online and offline so you can stay responsive to customer mood and needs.

In addition, staying in tune with e-comm trends and innovations can help you to hone and optimise your app for the future. 

Your E-Commerce App Round-up

We’ve covered off a few points here. However, above all, user satisfaction is the key to you staying the app course.

From design to navigation, functionality to personalisation, app information to checkout – a frictionless e-comm journey can make or break your app.

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