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5 Tips to Write a Winning Mobile App Description on App Store in 2023

The App Store has approximately 5 million mobile apps. But according to research (conducted by Sensor Tower), half of the App Store’s applications have never been downloaded. In addition, half of all new apps have less than 1,000 downloads in their first three months.  So how can you avoid this app trap? Read on for key tips to help you hit the description mark, unlocking more downloads along the way.

Enticing Your Target Customers To Download

So, you’ve spent months researching and developing your app. You’ve beta tested your minimum viable product (MVP) and invested budget and time to develop a great result. The user feedback is in and you’re sure your app will soar. But, after the launch day buzz, how can you guarantee your app will be ‘seen?’ We believe your ‘app success’ hinges on how you ‘describe’ its benefits and values to your target audience.  

A low app download rate can hinge on multiple factors. Maybe you’ve dropped the ball on design or fallen short on functionality. Whilst these aspects count, the way you ‘describe’ your app is of equal importance. Read on to discover how to articulate your app USP.

Cutting Through The Mobile App Noise

With so many available apps, users have seconds to understand the benefits and value of yours. They shall likely read the first few lines of your app description in between juggling life. If the description piques their interest, they will continue reading, which can result in that coveted download. So, if you’re serious about app success, it’s time to nail that app description by following these pointers.

1. Make Your App Description Short and Sweet

The average user will only read the first line or two of your app description, so make sure your headline catches their attention. You should be able to engage prospect users in the first few lines. To do this, refrain from using lengthy sentences that are difficult to digest. Give a clear, engaging, and honest description of your app. This is more likely to compel them to download.

2. Show Off Your Mobile Apps Best Features

The benefits and value a user gets from downloading your app must be clear from the start. Here, describing your app’s unique features and functionality can help to build early engagement and downloads. If it has a slick interface or success rate tell them about it. People love hearing user testimonials – it reassures them that your app is worthy of their attention.

3. Highlight How Your App Benefits Your Target User

Think about what kind of people would use this app; be clear on your target audience’s life stage, needs and aspirations. Critically, you must highlight how your app benefits them. For example: “This fasting tracker will help you lose weight within 30 days” is a caption that would attract consumers who are searching for a weight loss solution.

4. Insert a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Calls to action that convey a sense of urgency can increase user engagement. You may, for example, provide a special deal in the app description. You can encourage customers to take advantage of a time-limited offer to upgrade their app experience. If you articulate the benefits well, users are more likely to take advantage, and your app will gain popularity.

5. Insert Relevant SEO Keywords

You need to add some well researched SEO keywords if you want to rank highly on the App Store. These keywords can be found through a procedure known as App Store optimization. This entails including the most significant search terms, relevant to what your app offers in the description.

If you prioritize the above areas before launch day, then you’ll be on the path to app success. You must shine a light on your app benefits to stand out from the crowd. Your app description is key to switching prospect users onto you. Devoting time to your app marketing strategy can make all the difference in terms of downloads, rankings, and longevity.

Keen to put these tips into action? We can help you fine tune your words to unlock the path to mobile app success.

The First Steps to Integrating a Mobile App in Your Business

We believe that a mobile app is the rocket fuel to help your business soar. As an ambitious, small business an app can add value to your brand, customer base and bottom line.

We’re not advocating for you to neglect your website. In fact, we believe that a user-friendly, up-to-date site is a key addition to your digital mix. But in fast-paced times an app can connect you with the humans that are critical to your success.

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