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5 Fun Facts about Mobile Apps

There’s no doubt that mobile apps have become a key aspect of our modern lives. Since the rise of the smartphone, apps have transformed how we play, buy, and socialise. Because we love a bit of tech nerdery, we’ve compiled a list of app facts below.

The Average User Has More Than 80 Mobile Apps

The average smartphone user is spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile apps. On average, we have up to 80 apps downloaded on our phone. Designed well, apps have the power to enrich and add value to our lives.

From improving our health and wellbeing, to boosting our productivity and social lives, apps are now an integral part of the human experience.

The ability of apps to enhance our business, customer and personal worlds should put them at the top of our ‘to explore’ lists.

Google Play Store Has Almost 1.5x More Apps Than App Store

According to data from Sensor Tower, there are currently more than 1.5 million apps in the Google Play Store, compared to about 1 million in the Apple App Store. That means there are about 500,000 more apps on Android than on iOS.

This isn’t new, it’s been that way since circa 2016, when Apple announced they had reached their 1 million apps milestone. So why do we see such a large difference between these stores? Well, simply put, android users have more download choice, double in fact, than Apple users. 

This is a key aspect to consider when weighing up whether to pursue an android or iOS app iteration.

Half Of App Store’s Applications - Never Downloaded

Half of the App Store’s applications have never been downloaded because developers can fail to make their apps appeal to the consumer.

Analysis led by Sensor Tower, tracked App Store downloads for the first three months after an app’s release. They found that half of all new iOS apps had less than 1,000 downloads (in the first three months. But this is a trend that can be bucked by solid app research, design and promotion.

As a key hack, the app description must highlight how your app adds value to the consumer, to tempt them to download.

Over 50% Of Shoppers Prefer Shopping On Mobile Apps

According to recent studies, it’s been established that over 50% of shoppers prefer shopping on mobile apps rather than mobile or desktop sites. 

All too often, apps are lead the way in terms of convenience, features, product information and swift checkout processes. 

To ensure your business is fully optimised with a mobile app, you can talk to us here.

There were over 200 billion app downloads last year

The mobile app industry has grown exponentially over the years. In 2021 alone, mobile users grew by 60%, leading to over 200 billion app downloads worldwide.

Trends such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have also contributed to the growth of mobile app technology usage.

With these mobile app facts at your fingertips the time is now to ensure that app development is a key part of your tech strategy

So, were you in the app know, or did you learn something new?  Let’s design an app you can be proud of which elevates your brand and compels consumers to download. 

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