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We build strong cloud-based mobile app and blockchain dApp

Mobile app platforms

native iOS and Android or Flutter and React

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When you decide to start and make reality your idea, there are a lot of expenses and everything is unstable and can change every day.

APP AS A SERVICE is a startup dedicated program that would help new businesses cutting off -40% of initial investment to build your app

Small-midsize company

Small business knows that the digitalisation of their processes is the key if you plan to scale up the company.

The Cloud help to achieve that because we can build solid apps,  paying attention to optimize the costs, but having the right flexibility to scale up without downtime

Enterprise businesses

Security, multi-country data management, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning are what you want!.

One of the major keys that we have in our mission is to guarantee SECURITY and SCALABILITY.

We can help you to build the app of the future.

Native, Hybrid & blockchain App Solutions

Our Services

Let’s start to create your app with a strong backend on AWS Amazon cloud.

cloud aws

AWS Mobile backend

Exploit flexibility and resilience of the Amazon Cloud. Migrate your IT services and enjoy the benefits Cloud services can offer.

IoT & Real-Time

Internet of Things app, Real-Time and Machine Learning (ML).


My mission is to create innovative solutions, through research and innovation strategies, which allow an easier and safer life with full optimize your IT infrastructure, reducing costs, and offering ever cheaper services for you and your customers.

This is what is at the base of the solutions that I, together with the team of Heveloon Ltd., create for our customers through new technologies that allow greater safety and attention to people, guaranteeing a high-quality service.

Have you ever thought about the safety of your customers and if what you do makes their life less complicated? My way of working is to create apps starting from you and the needs of the company.



To continuously innovate and give back to our customers



To be the most inventive, effective and honest app development company in the industry


Commitment /Dedication

To provide high-touch expertise to each client to ensure maximum results

Get a Strategy,

Timeline, Forecast and a

Team of True-experts

Why Heveloon?

Our entire company has been built around customer service and delivering a high level of success

Our aim is to fulfill your needs with the highest professionalism without making any compromise. We will assist you in choosing the most appropriate technology for your business and always provide timely assistance based on your requirements. 

Solutions designed
for you

At our app development company, we have a solid background in delivering a great amount of first-class, luxury-style IT projects to businesses of all kind

Our Process

We Help You at Every Step Of The journey


Research and Design

Let’s get started creating the design based on your buyer persona


App Development

We will set up our delivery pipeline, in more detail: code, deploy, tests, and reviews with scheduled releases. 


Certificated Tests

We collaborate with two external tests company which certificate that the app is working.



We help you go to the market and make sure everything runs according to the plan.

Guaranteed security

As soon as data is given the encrypted process is instantaneity done and data in transit will remain encrypted until they arrive to the back-end infrastructure. 

Our app development approach follow these rules by design

Heveloon Ltd systematically checks and updates every single IT solution and service against EU and International Data Protection Regulations.

No stone remains unturned.

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